Monday, April 6, 2009

Open letter to Big Coal

open letter to Don Blankenship, Bill Raney, CEO's of Consol, Peabody, etc.. Big Coal, Friends of Coal... etc

May all your wives, lovers, prostitutes, boy-toys, hobby friendships and any family who still freely associates with you go raw vegan gourmet and suddenly find your scent repulsive and your ruddy utterances distasteful.

May the first born of all of you and your employees, down to the mail clerks, housekeepers and refuge workers, all turn Non Profit, grow an intense love for ancient growth forests, medicinal plants and mushrooms and an overall diversity of wildlife. May all other members of your close and extended family and friends start collecting starving, injured and abandoned cats.

May all the people who inadvertently share your name denounce your affiliation.

May all the cartoons depicting your image be hilarious and poignant, and although you can not quite understand them, may you be surprised to find they are traveling the metropolitan museum circuit.

May all the tomatoes that come your way be organic and vine ripened.

May all the politicians and housewives and teachers who share your views, who refuse to stand against you despite their lack of support or those who do support you in any way share your fate.

May a flower grow on the grave of a buried stream every time you speak the truth, and may you live until every stream has a flower, or is exhumed.

May every MTR engineer quit beer and TV and start buying land with mineral rights intact, stocks in wind and night classes for green technologies. May everyone of them be physically, mentally and financially prepared to close the site and start on Appalachian Restoration, and the New Green Advance.

May your life be remembered for your works.

May every West Virginian find their identity in the beauty and bounty of the mountains and not in the generations of exploitation, humiliation and degradation of Coal companies who have stolen our land, murdered our leaders, cheated us, lied to us and told us coal mining was the only thing we were smart enough to do.

May you have a clear view of what you have done with your life and all the repercussions of your actions for at least thirty years before you lie on your death bed. May you review your contributions to Our People and Our Land on a nightly basis.

May you be visited by the spirits of the people and the land you have touched, the places you have visited your footprint and the very soul of the Mountains and Hollers you have worked.

May you and your families drink the ground water of the mountain springs where you have tread, rest in the shade of the trees of that land, eat the plenty that you have created, swim in the mountain lakes you have damned, and breathe the air of your processes.

I want for you the full scope of the heritage you have left for the rest of us. Please accept this gracious gift ; may it keep the light in your eyes.

Friday, March 13, 2009

this call for clean energy in ten years

Listen, just to let you know-- my idea of clean energy has absolutely NOTHING to do with Coal. It isn't liquidified coal, it isn't natural gas made from coal,, it isn't about exploiting chemical and nuclear means of procuring energy from material.
For me, Clean means different Architecture, different building materials, different lifestyles... all this plastic and crap is just a nightmare to people like me...
Clean means clean clear sweet spring water-- out of the GROUND!
it means soil that you can smell, touch, enjoy, and not poisoned so much that you can not walk barefoot. It's about streams that run with fish to the sea, about amber waves of grain, but not gmo chemi-processed everything and dead pollinators and super- processing machines that kill all the birds come harvest time; it's not about over fishing, it's not about over eating or eating cheap or eating chicken wings for dinner with every light on in the house coated with, or built with off-gasing materials with worse pollution outside, tv's in every room with disinformation on every channel-- no, it's really about eating less, having something nice and being kind and reverent to the earth.
Let us humble ourselves in the presence of the Great Mother of All, the earth created in a picture of perfection, to marvel at the incredible beauty, to hold the sophistication of the processes in awe-- yeah, that's where You can find me, close to the ground.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

quick note to native grass online seed catalogue

geez, your site doesn't say if your seeds are organically grown, or if they are free from genetic engineering, if the grass would be capable of re-seeding it's self, or if the product could later be linked to pollinator and human population elimination-- do you think that might be a factor?

another comment-- water in California

Hey! the last time California had a really big drought, we got a brand new kind of skateboarding!

I think these recommendations are well premised and thought-out and I feel supportive that this is the right direction to go, but I FEEL that water is a very primal inheritance and people get really emotional when you try to ration their water. Keeping California producing food is important, but maybe planting cover crops that require less water, but would continue to support, hold and nourish the soil for a less productive year might be prudent-- strawberries for some while others fields die and blow away could start a riot-- I believe it may have happened before.

the most important part is proaction! Address the issues immediately after the Clean water Protection Act, which I really need first. :)
another letter:

I am really irritated that these bills are not here for me to read, and when they are, they are hundreds of pages long and full of nonsense and jibberish, and I really really get mad when you have to pass another bill to get this one passed, complicating what this bill was really about on a whole nother level, so I have to depend on you to understand what this bill means and to represent my greatest good, so in giving you this trust and hope, I want to also let you know where I stand, and what I want.
I want to be wild and free like the wind, like the water and rain and the forests! ha! I'd rather be cold and keep the mountains than watch tv while they get blown up for coal. I want MTR and the huge coal race to end. I want clean water- which to me means clean cool spring water, running trout streams and swim-worthy rivers, not chlorine, flouride and alum- inundated treated water. I think it is important to treat certyain water, but I want clean water in the ground.
I want clean land-- without poisons, pesticices, herbicides, and gmo's. I want seeds that last generation after generation without paying a re-seeding tax. I want soil conservation, river preservation and forest and wildlife protection, but MOSTLY,
I want to quit MTR coal mining
I want to quit sludge impound building and breaking
I want to quit unlined, unregulated underground injection site permits
I want to quit any dumping of any substance, fill dirt, waste, or sludge, coal ash, or sediment into ANY water way under ANY conditions or for ANY reason, and I want ANY one doing this fined imprisoned and publicly humiliated.

Now if you can still produce "dirty" energy without doing this, then go ahead, otherwise, I want clean energy-- clean energy infrastructure, jobs, maintenance, stocks, reality, and I'm willing to make sacrifices to have it. if "clean energy" means anything else, like the lie of "clean coal" then drop it like a hot potatoe! and know that I want nothing to do with it and I am not going away.

This bill would create a large and growing market for clean and truly renewable sources of electricity.

Department of Energy and Union of Concerned Scientists analyses of a 25 percent RES find that it will:

* create thousands of new jobs;
* save consumers money on their utility bills;
* reduce global warming-causing carbon emissions; and
* increase the amount of clean, renewable power in the United States by more than 135 percent over current state and federal polices--enough to power the equivalent of 150 million homes.

Please step forward to co-sponsor this vital bill.