Thursday, March 25, 2010

What does it take to get your food?

How many miles has your food traveled to get to you? What if the price of gas doubled next week? I think the price of gas can double-- I am not sure-- maybe there are laws on that, but I think it can and I think it will and I think that it will suprise many people to find that they didn't really have an awareness of the origin their food. There is nothing more empowering than growing your own food, building your own shelter and collecting your own power, but your food-- it is second to WATER. What if you needed to find water? Locate the nearest water sources to your home and work, and all those along the way between your home and your kin, or your friends... streams, rivers, springs... seeps? hose bibs that are available, even, for "tap water". Keep some clean water in your home and in your car, helicopter, boat, whatever...
Now how would you get water if there was no power? Can you still pump water? Do you have rain water catchment? Do you have a well? Do you have a spring? Are mining companies destroying your water? where is the NEXT source of water?
Do you realize that sometimes when the power goes off, the sewage treatment plant can not pump sewage and they waste goes straight into the river? Please do not flush the toilet during a power outage-- do you have an alternate toilet facility? Is there an old outhouse on your place? where else could you defecate? Do you have a composting toilet? Does one of your neighbors? where would you empty a chamber pot now, if you could not flush it, or if you knew that flushing would put it into your river?
Now, start looking out for food-- who has a garden? what are they growing? where can you buy local food? where could you plant food? what edible plants grow wild near you? what edible food grows on your land, or near your roadways? what edible pants are you even familiar with that grow locally? What can you use to make tea? or medicine? or to increase vitality in the sick, young, old or weak? what native edible plants could you plant along your street? what could you plant in your yard? What can you grow inside your house? trailer? submarine? flying saucer? tree-sitter pod? what food can you get even if the power is down-- what food would you be able to keep without power? If the stores were empty and the power was off, there was no gas for less than $14/ gallon, what could you collect in an hour to feed your kids?
Where can you fish? where can you hunt? Do you know the places to find the animals you like to eat? Do you have the tools to catch the game? to catch the fish? Are you watching the prices of these items? Do you see the price of even a good knife? ammunition? Do you have a place to keep ammunition? Do you know how to keep and store any meat? or fish?

I am not talking about hoarding toilet paper, or building a stockade against the government; I'm just wondering about eating close to home, without using fossil fuels for every meal, without using fossil fuels to take a shit, have a glass of water, eat one thing--- What if you had to walk to get water? How far is it? What about Food? How far is it? Do they need power to "ring you up?"
How much of what you do every HOUR consumes coal? or gas? or both??

Getting Big Coal to quit eating our mountains, means we have to quit eating with coal in one hand and gas in the other-- no chemicals either
OH MY! I saw a tanker with a warning sign on it with a dead tree and a Fish, belly up-- it made my skin crawl phenalyalamides or something like that-- is that like benzene?? anyway-- thins that kill trees, kill me and that is another story for another day.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I have recently rekindled a mad passion to raise honeybees, and I also want to mention that my button on my mouse is no longer taking me to my dictionary and weather boxes and I am peeved about that.
Well is it any surprise that MTR is no good for honeybees? let's just look at it for one moment-- what could bombing be good for? bombers seem to enjoy it-- especially if they are getting paid and told "great job!" and "just make sure to run some tree huggers off the road on your way home-- and your quota today is ten". Who else-- oh the companies who make nitroglycerin and some other nasties they are pumping into the earth to crack and smash and turn it to dust. and the trains that haul it and the guy who pushes the button to release the coal into the train car. Then there is also the tug boat driver who pushes the barges down the river where they get sent to Korea-- didn't we bomb them too?
okay, but as for the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above-- what the moon got to do with it? Competition-- for the lunar landscape, and actually the Moon might not like being compared to a bombsite-- although is has been one for so long. Maybe the Moon is upset because we had all this rich life and we threw it away, we gave it to them, traded our whole lives for some copper, for a few pieces of gold?
This is not the prosperity that God wants for us-- I don't believe that it could be. It isn't the progress that our forefathers wanted for us-- I just refuse to think that. I think it is the lazy ass fat dumb American who thinks nothing of shitting in the drinking water-- or says uuuuu grosss at the thought of a composting toilet, or worse yet, says, "I'm not going in there" and doesn't know how to do dishes with less than seven gallons of water, who doesn't eat "rabbit food" and dies of very expensive health care routines and procedures after many years of disability.

they have to have the electricity or they don't know what to do with themselves-- they use my mountains for entertainment and they don't even think of it as wasting-- they keep saying they are using resources-- they deserve to. it's basically an entitlement issue.

I feel entitled to mountains, forests, bees, bears, fish, streams, mist, foliage--- and they feel entitled to a city that never sleeps, and amusement parks and dishwashers and AC and they would die without their MTV. okay enough. I'm tired of trying to talk.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am still here... I have been spending much of my online time on Facebook and ranting there and not really getting a hold of my thoughts and building complete sentences for awhile, so long that I think I'm going retarded. And there, my character limit is maxed and my thought runs idle.
Everywere I am someone is trying to control some aspect of it.
I can't hear myself think for all the white noise, but when I move back to the land, I won't have my computer--- yet.. I am thinking ATT might have some connection device for me that I could run off my phone service; maybe even a unit with a solar recharger-- if they don't that is a niche.

They are still bombing, Maria has got a line on the Mooney Property and is getting tax deductible funding to buy a prime mining stop in Boone County, Denise is sitting in on all kinds of meetings, Danny has effectively introduced our congress to Water Protection measures, although they are only just sensing we are here...

in th meantime, this Shale issue and the FRACK fluids are big news, as it is basically another way to destroy our water while getting "cheap" "clean" energy out of our state and leaving it a deserted wasteland--- I love these beautiful trees and mountains.

We are having huge flooding right now-- thousands of miles of streams are missing, and all the trees along them are missing, thousands of acres of thirsty forests are missing, and the rivers are maxing out at the banks--- but who is standing up and taking respeonsibility?? Not massey, no way, and people are dying in this-- "natural act of GOD" .
It has been raining forever, but it only started Flooding.

I better get some sleep, but I want to know we are keeping our eyes open to what is going on and letting them know we want our water protected-- WHAT IF we said, "at all costs"???