Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am still here... I have been spending much of my online time on Facebook and ranting there and not really getting a hold of my thoughts and building complete sentences for awhile, so long that I think I'm going retarded. And there, my character limit is maxed and my thought runs idle.
Everywere I am someone is trying to control some aspect of it.
I can't hear myself think for all the white noise, but when I move back to the land, I won't have my computer--- yet.. I am thinking ATT might have some connection device for me that I could run off my phone service; maybe even a unit with a solar recharger-- if they don't that is a niche.

They are still bombing, Maria has got a line on the Mooney Property and is getting tax deductible funding to buy a prime mining stop in Boone County, Denise is sitting in on all kinds of meetings, Danny has effectively introduced our congress to Water Protection measures, although they are only just sensing we are here...

in th meantime, this Shale issue and the FRACK fluids are big news, as it is basically another way to destroy our water while getting "cheap" "clean" energy out of our state and leaving it a deserted wasteland--- I love these beautiful trees and mountains.

We are having huge flooding right now-- thousands of miles of streams are missing, and all the trees along them are missing, thousands of acres of thirsty forests are missing, and the rivers are maxing out at the banks--- but who is standing up and taking respeonsibility?? Not massey, no way, and people are dying in this-- "natural act of GOD" .
It has been raining forever, but it only started Flooding.

I better get some sleep, but I want to know we are keeping our eyes open to what is going on and letting them know we want our water protected-- WHAT IF we said, "at all costs"???

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