Friday, March 13, 2009

this call for clean energy in ten years

Listen, just to let you know-- my idea of clean energy has absolutely NOTHING to do with Coal. It isn't liquidified coal, it isn't natural gas made from coal,, it isn't about exploiting chemical and nuclear means of procuring energy from material.
For me, Clean means different Architecture, different building materials, different lifestyles... all this plastic and crap is just a nightmare to people like me...
Clean means clean clear sweet spring water-- out of the GROUND!
it means soil that you can smell, touch, enjoy, and not poisoned so much that you can not walk barefoot. It's about streams that run with fish to the sea, about amber waves of grain, but not gmo chemi-processed everything and dead pollinators and super- processing machines that kill all the birds come harvest time; it's not about over fishing, it's not about over eating or eating cheap or eating chicken wings for dinner with every light on in the house coated with, or built with off-gasing materials with worse pollution outside, tv's in every room with disinformation on every channel-- no, it's really about eating less, having something nice and being kind and reverent to the earth.
Let us humble ourselves in the presence of the Great Mother of All, the earth created in a picture of perfection, to marvel at the incredible beauty, to hold the sophistication of the processes in awe-- yeah, that's where You can find me, close to the ground.

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