Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas, Mr. President Elect

Christmas I prayed for the Tennessee River, for people in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. I reached out on Facebook to the groups that believe in Love and Respect for each other, for our Sacred land and our cherished water. I wrote blogs for the ilovemountains.org blog challenge, and I spent one nice day getting sun burnt putting the roof back onto the hutch after a wind storm, taking care of my small organic farm that I hope will be energy self-sufficient within five years (not twenty)with bird safe helix turbines.
I sent prayers to Gorillas in Congo, the 2000 Elephants missing in Africa, the abused baby Elephants in Bangkok, the finned Sharks, the murdered Dolphins, and sharks and whales ocean wide. I sent comments to the White House and to the EPA, and the Newspaper. I signed petitions and asked questions.
I sent love to my roadshow MTR man, the front porch App. woman, my new friend in Thailand and my old friends, silver and gold. I was going to say names, but I didn't get permission first.
I played with my baby and my Mother and started eating sprouts, seaweed and greens. I vowed to boycott coke, nestle, dole, dove, walmart, all fast food (since 1984), and I'm deciding to switch over to web tv. I mourned the death of Eartha Kitt, who's music has given me much happiness and pleasure, and I started my dream and hope notebook of what I plan to do for my country-- my future.
I wondered about a Mountain Mama Militia. I know MalcomX has much success in expressing his disdain and love-- it was very clear. I know MADD has also shared some successful results in communicating their desires for a better life. sometimes I think bumper stickers are not enough, comments and blogs aren't really getting to the point like seemingly meaningless arrests and civil disobedience or a militia could approach. Maybe a sniper approach and use green paintballs. Wish they made paint grenades.
I wondered about Derrick Jensen's comment to me what would I do if someone were raping me-- why can I just watch while they rape my land? destroy my River? my drinking bathing playing water? not just mine but the Earth's-- well, geez, maybe because they have guns, explosives, big trucks, loud mouths, lies and about 12,000 men on salaries they've never seen before--
I thought Obama can not really think he can bury CO2. what if someone would release mass quantities all at once- kill all mammals with no destruction of infrastructure and I thought maybe I could sell the movie rights before the book was even written. I thought about the Environment as a living thing, like a River is Alive, teeming with life, with stacked ecosystems, so vital to me, in all its mysteries and bounty. I remembered swimming in living water, river water- ohhh How I love it! and drinking cool mountain spring water-- how I love water! especially chlorine free sweet water; slick and sweet.
I thought, if everyone loved water as much as I do, how different the world would be. My mother thinks I want to go backwards, to the past, and maybe I do, I think we left some really important values and valuables behind; I need to go get them.
thoughts also come to me about the incredible dynamic of the American Spirit-- what got us to the Moon, what brought us together during the Great War; I don't think it was the War itself, but a solidarity in effort, and I wish we could do this now, to develop alternative energy-- alternative means NOT COAL; coal is OVER and if you say coal can't be over, then go ask the people of Buffalo Creek, and go ask the Emory River and the Tennessee River permission to walk in their shoes. All we have to do is LOVE LIFE and coal is over. All we have to do is LOVE WATER and coal is over. all we have to do is LOVE BREATHING and coal is over. We don't have to commit suicide. it is okay; we deserve to live, to love, to drink and breathe.

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