Saturday, December 20, 2008

Female Violence

I am hearing more and more about how the destruction of the earth is tied to the disrespect of the Mother. Mother Earth. Some people don't understand that the way our society is running right now just isn't working, AND there are other ways. Some people think if the Man isn't running things, then the Woman is, but actually, there is the idea of woman, the idea of Mother that can be the greatest influence. All women are respected. Love that. Repeat three times.

At the Appalachian Studies Conference in Huntington, West Virginia (at Marshall) this year 2008, a man had a model that he had made of the mountains, the earth Mother and the destruction of the Appalachians personified and brought home for us at the conference. I don't know anyone who saw it who wasn't touched by the concept, wasn't reminded that this is why we love our mountains so dearly-- they are more than home, they are what nurtures and protects us, they are what loves us even when we are ugly, poor and starving, they bring us in and give us everything we need. When no one else can or will, they will be there for us. This is another reason we need to keep our mountains-- as for me, maybe I'm not getting any younger or prettier- ha ha!

And the woods, the forests and hills have always been a symbol of protection and in reality a very good defensive position for a home front, maybe like mom's dress, when under attack. consider for a moment the functional use of the forested hills of Poland during the war, and there we are again-- war war war and now the war is on us. the war is on Appalachia and the war is on women and it is being manifested on the earth, our sacred MOTHER. Even Soundgarden sings about "little brother, put his hands away, he's gonna kill our mother, and I love her" and here, little brother shows the true nature of the situation, because although the big companies have the big money, they still act so selfishly and childishly when it comes to how they behave-- with no concept of what they are doing, and no undersatnding of what the repercussions will be. Not only this, but the inherent disrespect for all living and beautiful life-giving forms is more than apparent in this envirnomental devastation.

So this is exactly what I tell people-- the destruction of the earth is a sign of the disrespect and oppression of women-- If these mean didn't hate women, they would not be able to do this to the earth. why do men hate women?

I don't know. I don't understand how they can not love the female. I look at my daughter, and I learn to love myself in a way I was never loved or taught to self-love; I see her perfection and delight. Her happiness is my highest happiness, as I see God exploring the material world through her-- she sings and dances and laughs and she loves the dirt, the plants, the snow, and rain and wind and the moon! She sees the river and says, "WATER!!" and wants to know the names of all the rivers. She says hello to big rocks on the roadside, and water falls and certain trees and groves of trees.

I call now all women to practice radical self love!! that is violent! because it violates the current bs of oppressive and negative disrespect -- I call on women to practice radical self love to raise the awareness of love for women!! Love for the earth-- big prayers for all women and woman figure and Hilde!! and fertility and even the pregnant teenage-- I mean it- when I heard people trashing these girls, I was like, HEY, where is the respect? and the girls need to respect them selves, too, but they deserve LOVE and RESPECT for being able, for being women, and for reminding the world who they are and can be-- MOTHER

Women everywhere are in such trouble. I heard recently that 90% of the Congonese women have been raped in these last few weeks. This has just got to be from a lack of knowledge, and i have to let you know, if you don't already-- you can pull the balls (testicals) off-- I want to stress: this is NOT DIFFICULT TO DO. If someone is raping you, pull their balls off; at least they won't be raping your sister next. So now, someone tell me-- what can you do to stop a drag line?? explosives? clear cutting? the DEP from giving out EASY Permits?? How do we stop the rape of our MOTHER?

I'm tired of waiting for Manchin to step up to Massey again. I'm thinking about the marching mountain mama militia-- what kind of permits do you have to have to form a militia? the black bears! okay, it must be getting late, look how creative I am!

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