Monday, January 24, 2011

Joe Manchin--

I'm so embarrassed-- I can not believe nevermind
I love water. I am so excited that the Environmental Protection Agency has decided to come down to West Virginia and put a hand up for WATER.
I went to the EPA Public Hearing and I saw all these big guys wearing bright T-shirts about "without coal we'll all freeze to death in the dark" and outside creating a bit of a picket line with how to kill a tree-hugger violent drawings, and then these pointed comments like "trying to shut us down" and I went inside, standing there in line I was shaking all over and saying to myself-- they are going to make this about JOBS.
So I started changing my two minute speech
the EPA is not here about our political corruption, our poverty, or our lack of jobs... is that what I said?? They are not here to Shut You Down
they are here because of the Reality of the Vital Importance of WATER

You know WATER isn't going to EVER get less important
just like the cost of gas in a Post Peak Oil World isn't really ever going down
We are looking at a Peak Water World-- see Jenna Cavelle's for lots of good information if you doubt for a minute that we are facing Global Water Crises. Oh I'm so non fluid right now. I'm mad because of this really scary commercial I saw of Joe Blow shooting a gun at the EPA, saying he was going to fight against the nation-- OUR Nation, Under God. this guy really creeps me out, the way he so blatantly is selling us to the wolves-- and then threatening to sue and shoot the hero who is coming to save us from those that are raping and devastating our land-- OUR land, to which we are so closely tied, OUR WATER, which is our blood and our lives.

Okay so I feel pretty strongly about this and I find myself upset and disturbed, so I start closing up and my hands start to hurt-- my bones ache from the hatefulness I feel for this guy and the weaknesses he embodies-- as Caroline Myss would say, or I imagine she would say, his behavior evokes the harlot energy that is available to any of us, and says he chooses to SELL what is sacred, priceless and precious for pennies-- and it hurts us all, it hurts all of us??
Maybe not. What if I can forgive him? what if I can say I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry to him for what he has wasted, what he has thrown away, what he has tossed to the wind-- his soul- his integrity-- how can he not miss this part of himself?
I'm sorry
and I love the human part of him as I love the spirit of the Mountains, the streams, the people everywhere. I don't want us to suffer from our mistakes.

You know I have other facets too-- and I'm a pretty good shot myself. I won a 28 pound turkey for my dorm in Alaska by winning the Turkey Shoot-- and there was no winner for the boys and a winner for the girls-- it was ME. I was the Winner. I also Won the Keim marksmanship Award later that year-- shooting. I enjoyed that very much; Maybe Joe ought to hold a Match and see if people who love WATER and who support the EPA and the USA can shoot better than he can!! Haha I don't think he would enjoy being beaten by a GIRL!! Haha

so am I in conflict? How can I love WAter and not love people who are alive because of Water-- who are essentially Water? the soul itself might even be in the magic of Water. Phillipe Cousteau wrote the book, Our Watery Planet, which was my Second Bible growing up-- Water is the Reason for all seasons- for life on this living breathing planet.

Okay I know I should proofread- I might get concise-- might tone down or build up or edit here and there, tear the whole thing apart and put it carefully back into some smoother order-- but not tonight. I'm just venting. I'm upset and I'm thirsty for some truth, some integrity and some good CLEAN MOUNTAIN FRESH SPRING WATER right out of the ground and I can also tell you that this super cold, very viscous water is absolutely the BEST STUFF on earth. I think GOD lives in it. oha baby, How sweet it is! Where did that come from?? ha ha

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