Monday, January 24, 2011

Subject: Peak Water and My Own Values
Date: January 24, 2011 11:02:08 AM EST

Dear congress Person and Fellow West Virginian:

Please consider for some time the idea of Cleaning Up West Virginia--
and doing personal cleanses and preparing for a better day of healthy living while demanding less

I feel we as a people, and as a country, need to eat less and consume a lot less energy
and we need to clean up our bodies, our yards, our homes and our lives
get the toxins out-- and we need to LOOK at our values and FEEL our way to resolving our inner conflicts

If we don't start producing MORE Quality out of less material and less energy
we will not survive-- what if the Saudi Arabia decides the dollar is no longer the world currency?
gas prices, followed by the prices of EVERYTHING else would soar OVERNIGHT!!
and on that day, What will we Value?

Our kind neighbors-- who we do not fear
and our friends with whom we share and trade seeds and loving companionship
large trees, rooted like strong women, to give us courage
and you better bet we will want to drink clean WATER
out of the ground- out of the stream- out of the RIVER

Please consider the idea of UPGRADING our water Quality standards NOW

If we decided to use less now
drive less, eat more locally produced foods
work from home, be kind to each other
and drink more quality water-- then when the rest of the world grinds to a halt
it won't bother us

we can live healthier lives and demand less on the medical industry
with clean water and clean living habits-- we grow some of the best apples in the world right here
we have some of the richest, most diverse forests, we have great fishing and hunting
we have rivers flowing in every cardinal direction-- we have healthy vibrant soils and great mushrooms

but everything depends on WATER
Please Protect our Water like our lives depend on it

and you know that commercial where Joe shoots at the EPA?
He isn't the only one in this state who knows how to shoot
Why not lets shoot for Clean Water-- and everyone wins! We ALL NEED WATER

I'm sorry I'm sorry I love you I love you
I'm sorry your decisions are hard
I' sorry you lost part of your dreams along the way
I'm sorry it feels like you are trapped
I'm sorry you think jobs are more important than water
I'm sorry if you want more power, more money, more more more
I love you like water flowing through the ground
like blood flowing through the veins of our people
like the snow stuck to the branches of the trees
like snow cream and lake swimming

BY the People, For the People, One Nation, Under God
West Virginia: the Land and it's People
Preserve and Protect the Land and Water-- to which we are so closely tied
This is our LIFE BLOOD I am talking about
Clean it UP!!
here is a picture of my baby girl-- who LOVES water and who LOVES me and who believes in YOU

Please Protect our Land and Water for HER-- Eighth Generation West Virginian-- and we have been stone cutters, farmers, lawyers, nurses, roller skate rink owners... None of my family exploited or polluted this state's land or water to seek profit and then leave with the spoils, the spoiled, salted land behind...


Sara Cowgill

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